Darukhane Yab — Scracting to launch

It has been almost a decade since I launched a public benefit service named “Nazri Yab” (Means “Free food finder”). I think it’s enough time for a person to gain many experiences and so many up and down on the road.

On the 10th birthday of “Nazri Yab”, I’m looking forward to introducing my new idea, which is concurred by Covid-19 pandemic situation around the world. This idea is coming from a simple need:

Finding pharmacy and easy access to medicine’s information.

Unlike “NazriYab” which was a simple and user-centric based project, “Darukhane Yab” started with independently processed data, which we will make a procedure for user’s data to be processed and merged in the future. Also, for implementing “DarukhaneYab”, We needed to gather enough accurate information about all the pharmacies around the country (Iran); This procedure was a time-consuming and valuable part of the project.

On the other hand, by using 10 years’ experience in managing different online products and user-centric projects, we tried our best to introduce the perfect and flawless product with perfect quality of user experience and complete trusted data.

Darukhane Yab Challenges

“Darukhane Yab” has three different parts; medicines, pharmacies, and Covid-19 information.

One of the most important parts of Darukhane Yab project was gathering information about all the pharmacies, their locations, and validating their data. This procedure is never done on any website or application, and none of them has a wide range of information (more than 7000 pharmacies) like Darukhane Yab.

The next step is providing complete and accurate information on medicines; besides many medicines databases, we make a comprehensive information database of common medicines in Iran with more than 1K validated information, which gives exact and complete information to the users.

For making this kind of product, I needed to use intelligence and précis people’s ability so the result will be close to that perfect plan that I had in my mind. For this purpose, we divide the project into some parts, which be handled by our team members. My team is as important as the project idea itself, so I want to introduce them specifically.

Mobile Application — Parham Soltani

Parham is one of the most talented people with who I’ve been working with him more than 10 years now on different projects. High-level knowledge and using the newest methods in the world make the application one of the best Persian apps.

User Interface Designer — Amin Najafi

Designing the idea which was in our mind was a difficult job to do. But Amin could convince the team by his intelligence and using all the important points of user experience in designing, and now after executing the project, the most important part of “Darukhane Yab” quality is the result of his special look and foresight.

Collecting Data — Mohamadreza Ghorbanali

Our information database and all of the information in this project is owed to Mohamadreza as a data collector who could gather information with his intelligence from any possible places. For data validation, we introduce another project which confirms every medicine and pharmacy information on different databases to help us to be sure about the accuracy and correctness of our data.

Marketing — Setayesh Mehdizadeh

Any idea implantation needs processing, and besides quality and presented possibilities, it needs to have a good connection with users and customers to help it be promoted. The idea of growth, maturity, and “Darukhane Yab” success owes Setayesh.

Data Processing — Melika Minaei

Melika is the youngest talented member of our team who, with her fast learning and her high accuracy in performance is the executive arm of the project information database. She helps to validate the information on both medicines and pharmacies. The correctness of this data and information is essential because many people will have access to them.

For me, “Darukhane Yab” or “Darukhaneh Yab” (both used in Farsi, means “Drugstore/Pharmacy finder”) is one the most attractive project that I’ve been worked on. Besides working remotely with team members, we had many challenges on the way of implantation. Working with a volunteer and talented team on a public benefit service that is useful for most of the society is the real meaning of being successful.

If you have an android device, you can download the application through Google Play.

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